Learn To Use

Learn to Use Scratch

    1. Install Scratch:
  • Go here to install
  • Then find your operating system (Apple OS X,Windows & Debian/Ubuntu). For a step-by-step introduction, download the Scratch 1.4 Getting Started Guide.
  • Next press the scratch installer button for your operating system and follow the instructions on their webpage.
    2. Make a simple animation
  • First, open Scratch.
  • Next, click 'control' which is in the top left corner next to Motion.
  • click on the cat in the sprites menu.
  • Drag the 'green flag' block into the scripts area.
  • Drag the 'forever' block and connect it to the green flag block.
  • Click on 'Motion'
  • Drag the 'Move 10 steps' block into the 'forever' block.
  • Click the green flag in the top right corner of the preview screen to make it go and click the red hexagon next to it to make it stop.
  • Click on this link to open a Scratch tutorial on YouTube
    • Here are some of my scratch projects (Press the Space Bar to start):